Application Security

We are only as strong as our weakest link.  In business today, that weakest link is often the software applications we build and host.

Applications are written by expert software developers, not expert security professionals.  Malicious hackers know this and use it to their advantage to access private and privileged data.

Arcas Risk Management supports client growth by offering client development the opportunity to develop software at pace to meet deadlines, while off-loading code scanning & testing, remediation, and RASP & WAF protection to the Arcas Risk team.



DevSecOps Strategy Planning & Implementation

CI/CD Consulting

Code Review

Application Testing

Application PenTesting

IoT PenTesting

Cost-effective and seamless, the Arcas Risk team will build security into your application development process, overseeing individual pieces of the appsec process internally or manage your appsec process in an outsourced format.

If your organization is developing software (or utilizing a 3rd party for development), Arcas Risk can help your projects stay security, on-time, and successful.  Contact us here.

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