Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures

Whether you're buying or selling, the M&A process is an exciting time, often with many twists and unexpected turns.  Arcas Risk Management helps buyers and sellers through this process by aligning client goals with the IT, CyberSecurity, and Compliance risks that need to be identified and managed.

At the end of a sale, one party will have inherited a new set of cyber and compliance risks, Arca Risk works with clients to understand those risks and mitigate as many as possible prior to the closing of the deal.


Post-transaction, the Arcas Risk team will support the IT, Security, & Compliance transition process to ensure smooth adoption of technology assets, allowing clients the opportunity to focus on meeting their business and fiduciary objectives.  


Sevices Include:

Pre-event Assessment

Asset Prioritization

ERP, HRIS, CRM, Tools, & Platform alignment

Project Management

Financial Guidance

Advisory Services 

Transaction Support Services


If you are interested in purchasing or merging with another organization or looking to divest a line of business or sell the business completely, Arcas Risk Management is the partner you want to help you maximize the value of your IT investment throughout the transaction.  

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