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Your Own Security Team

Arcas Arrow gives you a 24/7 team to analyze your network assets, identify vulnerabilities, and monitor events and behavioral analytics in real time, focusing on four key areas:

• Information Security - We monitor malicious activity to protect you from phishing, DDoS, cyber attacks, hackers and malicious insiders.

• Compliance - Independent data logging and verification processes provide reporting that auditors want and clients need.

• Operations - Real-time health monitoring, alerting and log aggregation allows your IT team to troubleshoot more effectively and improve system availability.

• Risk Management - Reduce risk through independent logging, malicious activity detection, vulnerability detection, and management. Integrated dashboards and reports can show machine and application usage, file access, web browsing activity, and instant message activity.

Data to Power Your Business

Arcas Arrow offers a foundational set of controls and protections. But it’s more than just a collection of tools. You’ll be able to use your company’s collective data to power decisions on security, compliance, IT operations, and risk profile. In addition to being protected from attacks, you’ll have complete visibility across your network, better control of assets, and lower operating costs. With our Ransomware Reversal Technology, you can undo malicious encryption in the event of a cyber attack -saving your business precious time, data, and money.

Compliance Support

We help companies meet regulatory requirements such as HITRUST, NIST, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. Our SOC platform is SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001 certified.

  • U.S.-based 24/7/365 security monitoring and compliance SIEM

  • No minimum number of monitored systems

  • Monthly reporting and quarterly reviews

  • Integrated email security 

  • Network flow monitoring

  • Cloud First backup solution and cloud platform monitoring



24 X 7 Security Monitoring​


Asset Discovery ​


Vulnerability Management


Real-time Behavioral Analytics


Event Logging



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